AyurGold's Customer Testimonials

Hello, my name is Shemsi. I have been using AyurGold for six months, and it has improved my health and my blood sugar has really been controlled by now.

I no longer feel tired or exhausted. This has really improved my health in a considerable way. Before I was unable to control my blood sugar, it used to go up and, but things have improved now.

And I recommend AyurGold for everybody. My goal is not only improving your health, it is giving a lot of important traces for your overall health.

So AyurGold is recommended for everybody to use it. Thank you.

Shemsi - Dubayy, United Arab Emirates

Osborne (age 46) - Nyanza, Kenya

My name is Niki, I live on the Island of Malta, in the middle of Mediterranean. I was diagnose with types II - diabetes in the beginning of this year, and the doctor wants to fit me onto insulin straight away which i was refused. I prefer taking natural therapy...is something i believe then.

So I decide to look on the internet, where i found the product "AyurGold". I ordered it and started taking in June of this year. I took it for three months, and after that, my diabetes went down from 19..from 19 it went down to 7.5. After I stop taking it, i kept on taking natural remedies like the "Chromium", until today, my diabetes is still at the low level, is 6.2.

I am so affected and impressed by the product. So i decided to tell my Auntie who has diabetes for six years. So she ordered the product, and she started to take it, she taking four package, and she very impressed, after all these years, this products had given her result, that western medicine couldn't give her. She doesn't have a side effect from the influence that..gives you the side effect from the stomach..it's the natural therapy, it's healing.

And together with that, we also get the caring phone call from the team of "AyurGold". So I would love to just thanks them for all this, to keep up the amazing work, and hopefully have a product not just in that part of the world, but more towards this area, because it so difficult, expecially for the place like Malta, to have such as amazing products for the people. The more we can have this products, the more people will survive. I thank you once again from the bottom of my heart.

Nikita - Malta, Mediterranean

Hi, my name is Pierre. I am from South Africa. My dad had a stroke a couple of years ago and that heightened my awareness of diabetes and all those diseases that are related. And I had my sugar levels tested and I was confirmed as being pre-diabetic. I have started and found this product, AyurGold, and decided to use it a few years ago and I haven't looked back. It has really helped me with a balance diet and some exercises. It has really helped me to manage my sugar levels down to an acceptable level. It is still about lifestyle, still about choice. But at least, it is comforting to know that there is a product that at least, you know, is assisting your body to repair itself, as opposed to the normal western medicines, pharmaceutical medicines that tend to not treat the cause but just the symptoms and eventually you end up being insulin dependent.

So, I have been giving this product for the last couple years, given it a try and so far, so good. I hold my thumbs and I will keep on coming back.

Hopefully, they will continue to improve on the product. Just keep us away from the western medicine, that as I said before tends to treat symptoms as opposed to causes.

So, thank you very much, guys. This is really good. My email address if anybody does want to contact me, and I can always chat to them. Its [email protected]

Thanks very much, cheers. Bye.

Pierre F - South Africa


This is Ana Beatriz, and I would like to say that I have started a treatment with AyurGold for over 1 month.

And in the first month, my glucose level has lowered. I do not have cramps anymore and I have been feeling much better. I sleep better and I do not feel so thirsty as I used to feel. My urine flow is better, and I have finally been able to sleep on whole night without having to wake up to go to the bathroom. It has improved my health in many ways.

I am very satisfied and I am reordering to continue my treatment as I just started my second box. In the first box I started to feel the benefits and I recommend it to everyone.

Ana - Brazil

Hi, my name is Andrew. The product that I have been taking of yours is AyurGold, and reasons why I was taking this product is because I'm experiencing some symptoms including tiredness, losing weight, feeling sick after eating sweet food, sometimes blood pressure, cuts and bruises are hard to heal.

Basically I am taking this products and initially after receiving the product and taking it. Within, let's say a week, the tiredness was reduced, I have more energy and additional I don't feel nausea after eating sweet food. And digestive tract system was improved.

Later on after I would say few more weeks, the blood pressure disappeared. And the cuts and bruises were healing more normally. On top of that, two months after taking the product, I am feeling much better, and feeling fit again. And additionally I'm gaining more weight and basically, all the symptoms have disappeared.

So I would recommend this product to someone who has a similar symptoms that I have. Ok, thank you very much.

Andrew (age 37) - Geneve, Switzerland

Hi, I've been taking AyurGold for nearly two months now. Before I take AyurGold, my sugar levels was very high, I have to urinate frequently, maybe by the hour.

Ok, before I took AyurGold, I've been very poorly and sick. While I was taking it, but that's only after 5 days, my sugar levels came down and I was feeling great, and my blurred vision slightly improved.

And after been taking it for two weeks, maybe two months, my sugar levels have basically come down to about 6.1. I don't have to urinate frequently, maybe every other, every 6 hours or so. And this product has worked very quick and effectively, I have taken other supplements, and basically they took very long time to work, if they actually did work.

Sharif - England, UK

My name is Jerry Louis, from Malaysia. I am calling regarding that I was a diabetic, diagnosed in the month of March.

And, I have been taking AyurGold from March till now for the last eight months. And, in three weeks, I found my energy increased. And, within three months, I found my sugar level from 16 has dropped to 10, and it has even gone as low as 7.

I am happy with AyurGold, it has help me to move around with more energy. Thank you.

Jerry - Selangor, Malaysia

Hi, this is Bhailal, and I am taking the AyurGold for my diabetes. I am also taking alot protein, for the time also trying that this medicine. And I feel little change and I am going to try another for four months. Ah..then I will let you know what will be the result. This is ayurvedic medicine, so I know that this is not harmful. So, I am also recommend somebody who is diabetes to try, and if you like it, then continue! Thank you. Bye.

Bhailal (age 68) - Illinois, USA

Hello, my name is Glenn. I'm giving my voice testimonial on the AyurGold, for the blood sugar stabilization.

This product works wonderful, if taken as directed. And for me, it can keep you off the insulin. So I just wanted to let you know that. Thank you for this wonderful product. I dont know what I would do without it. Thanks again, bye now.

Glenn (age 48) - New Jersey, USA

Translated from Spanish Transcription:

My name is Felix Llorens and I live in Puerto Rico. I've been using Ayurgold from India Herbs since some time ago (3 months). I've heard about the product, I did some research and I started using it. I have positive results.

The product helped me controlling the sugar levels, and keep them controlled. Based on my experience, I do understand that the product is good and I do recommend it to anyone with the same problem that I had, where the sugar levels are high. I'm still using the product with very good results and, as I said, I recommend it to anyone with the same problems. Thank you.

Felix (age 72) - Ponce, Puerto Rico

I bought this formula two years ago and used it for a few days and then stopped because I did not have any testing device to check to see if my blood level was affected. Sometime last year, I was finally able to secure an insurance to pay for my medications and to see a doctor. She prescribed Metformin for Diabetes. I used this and totally forgot about the AyurGold which was in my cabinet safely hidden from my sight and mind. Some months later after, I was dissatisfied with Metformin which my doctor had prescribed. It did not help to lower my blood levels and only increased my frustration every morning. I ditched all my medications including Metformin. I started using something called Triphala and then later I stumbled upon Amalaki and Brahmi. I used theTriphala (powder form) for more than a month and then someone told me to discontinue because it is a strong detoxifying agent and should not be used everyday like a nutrient. I actually lost a lot of weight and stopped but I thought that maybe I should use one of the fruits which make up this formula, Amalake. Apparently, it contains vitamin C. I was also using Turmeric every morning. I was beginning to feel light and energized. However my sugar levels were reading around 140 approximately and I thought this was a good substitute for the Metformin.

A few weeks ago, I came upon the boxes of AyurGold and Ayurtox and took an interest in reading the back of the box which gave a description of the Proprietary Blend. Imagine my surprise when I saw that one of the ingredients was Amla. I took one capsule of the AyurGold that evening and the next morning my sugar level was 132. I was so delighted that I began to pay attention to what was written on the box itself. I tested everyday after that and saw that the AyurGold was actually bringing my sugar levels down to 130 which I never had achieved when I was on Metforin. A few days later while I was in an organic store I discovered Gymnema and Shatavari which I promptly bought after checking on my iPhone and noting what those two ingredients were used for. I then started to use the AyurGold everyday morning and every night except I also added the Amalaki and gymnea. Later on, I found two other ingredients on your box and also added them to my routine, Shatavari and Neem.

Thank you.

Janet J - New York, United States

Dear sir, I have used the following products for approximately 2 years. I have ordered them in 6 months supply each time: 1. Ayurstate 2. Ayurtox 3. AyurGold I found these products to be very good. It has lowered my blood sugar levels, detoxified my system and cleaned my colon and according to my doctor, my prostate is very healthy. I have no hesitation in recommending these products to do what they are advertised to do. Thank you.

George H. - NSW, Australia

My name is Juan Camilo Hernandez. I am 59 years old. I have two coronary Stens and I suffer from Tachycardia. Six months ago, I started taking Ayurgold and Cardiofy. They reduced and stabilized my cholesterol and triglycerides levels, in addition to normalizing my heart rate.

Juan Camilo Hernandez (age 59) - Florida, USA